Tips for Startups to Reach Their Sales and Marketing Goals

Every entrepreneur has problems in the way of launching their product to the market. No matter how useful or high quality your product is, if you start with a wrong marketing strategy, you are going to fail in the market. Believe me, nobody wants to fail at the beginning! In that case, you need a winning sales and marketing strategy.

Before creating a strategy, you should prepare some kind of summary sheet, including your product or services information, current market situations and your goals, etc. to act as a roadmap. To make that roadmap you can follow these 3 easy steps:

Analyze yourself;

  • What is your product or service?
  • Who wants to use it?

Analyze the market;

  • Who are your competitors?
  • What do competitors do to reach their targets?
  • What are the competitive advantages in the market?

Decide your goals

  • In your future plans, where do you put yourself in the market?

Building a roadmap is the first step in helping you create your own winning sales and marketing strategy. After that, you need to move step by step and try to understand what you are going to deal with. I will give 5 tips to build your steps and reach your goals easily.

While you produce your good or service, you should also describe your target market, which means any group of people or businesses who have common features and want to use your good or service. To define your target market, you need to collect some data such as ages, gender, education levels, languages, geographical locations, behaviors maybe their marital status, etc. After collecting these data, you should put them in categories. And also, identifying these data will be key to understanding your target audience’s spending power and needs.

Describing your target audience will also decrease your financial spending and the amount of effort you put in marketing

After defining your audience, advertising is the second important part in sales and marketing strategy. If you analyze your customers very well, you will be able to create a successful PR strategy and an advertising campaign. While considering your customers’ features and attitudes, choose the right way to address them. Set out your good or services using advertising channels as television, radio, billboards, social media, magazines etc. By using these channels, take your audience’s attract and give them a chance to imagine your product or service in their mind.

The way you serve the advertisement, like choosing the right area of the street for billboards or choosing LinkedIn as an advertising channel for a B2B product or service, could be more effective in grabbing your target audience’s attention.

For advertising campaigns, working with experienced and professional people could be really helpful but also be expensive. However, if you believe in your product or service, don’t be scared to take some expensive help. Taking professionals’ opinions will improve your advertising tactics and help to create successful PR strategies.

In your market, there could be many rivals and this brings too many options to choose from for customers. In this situation, customers usually choose the more reputed one. Why don’t you be that reputed one?

Besides your product, people also should know your brand name and your target market should trust your brand reputation. When people experience your good or services, knowing your brand name, they feel good to share your brand, and believe me, user experiences are the best advices for customers. So, demand of your good or service will increase by good comments.

Reputation is very significant and you must be very careful to save your brand equity. You have to consider your customers’ feedback while continuing your advertisement campaign.

For our century, social media is the most attractive channel to use as an advertising channel. Popular platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. give you priceless accessing chance to reach broad audience for 24/7 from all around the world. People catch news, follow new trends and technological improvements and also connect with each other. Besides everything to do, people are publishing their opinions about every single thing. For every startup, using social media channels is a huge opportunity to reach their target audience.

There are so many ways to start a campaign on those platforms, only you need to analyze your target well and choose the channel that are more appropriate to reach your targets.

You have to promote your strategy sustainably. In order to achieve that goal, always look forward like what you are going to do next month or year and think about what your strategy will bring you in the future. Planing well scheduled long-term strategies will bring you more credits.

Ayşe Özkan

Angel Effect Team



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