What Do Angels Look For In A Business? (Part 1)

Solving A Problem

What problem does your company solve? That is a crucial starting point to approach angels and your answer can bring you millions of dollars. When you start with a product, which is your solution and then look for problems, you can return empty-handed from the journey.

A Promising Team

Your angel will be a part of your business. Without a doubt; the level of their involvement may vary according to their choice or your need. However, your team from the founder to the intern should be promising in their roles.

Advantage in competition

The angels are not investing for fun. They need a promising revenue for their effort and money. Probably, you will not be surprised to hear that they want to act on the side of a strong party. Your business plan, your product or service, and your background should give the signs of how advantageous you are in the competition.


Let’s say the demand for your business is growing, and you need to amend your business plan and structure. Do you have plans to be adaptable to the changing situation? Being scalable is an advantage that angels are looking for in businesses to invest.


Your product or service has to solve a problem with an innovative approach. You do not need to focus on the fancy look to be successful in the competition. What angels look for in a business is an innovative and useful solution.

A promising revenue

Every investor is looking for value in business. This value is mostly financial, but it can also be about how beneficial your product or service is to the society. What is best is a combination of high financial value and a beneficial idea as it brings up a promising revenue.

Nurseli Kultufan

Angel Effect Team



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